Meet the Dietitian

  My name is Jamie Shifley.  I am a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist.  I am the mother of 5 great kids–three girls and two boys.  I am married to a loving and witty husband.  We live in the burbs of Chicago.  Inspiring people to live healthier, more full lives drives me.  I strive to teach people how to plan and make simple, tasty, and mostly healthy meals.  At the same time, life is short and can be hard, so I am a believer in moderation and relishing  life.  We are by no means perfect.  We struggle with the ups-and-downs that come along with raising 5 kids.  We are faithful and hardworking.  I seek to share my nutritional and health expertise, in the hopes that you might find even an inkling of benefit, while laughing/crying through the struggles and celebrating the joys that come with kids, marriage, and motherhood.