The Dietitian’s Favorite Things: Citrus Squeezer

This will be the inaugural post of The Dietitian’s Favorite Things!  I plan to periodically write about cool tools, food and other household products, and anything that I find particularly useful and worth the money.  The tool that has the honor of being named first favorite thing is my Chef ‘n Citrus juicer.  (This is not sponsored.)

Why do I love this gadget?  I recommend seasoning fish, water, veggies, and other foods with citrus to add a fresh, appealing punch, with little to no calories.  This tool makes that process much easier.  It is well made, and easy to use.

Here are some recent examples of ways I used my juicer/squeezer:

  • Squeezed lemon over fresh broccoli that I had washed and cut up.  I then popped it in the microwave to cook it quickly with a little water at the bottom.
  • I used it to make this dressing for grilled kale.  So easy and delicious!!!
  • I squeezed lime into a marinade for salmon that also included soy sauce and some brown sugar.
  • I squeezed it onto some tilapia with some capers and butter.

Bonus!  The kids think it is really fun to use, and it’s an easy way to entice them into helping out in the kitchen.

Bon Appetit!