Baking in the Vortex

We experienced unprecedented cold temperatures in Chicagoland last week, which meant no school for the kids!  They had 3 days off–yikes!  Needless to say, it threw us a little off kilter.  We did our best to keep entertained, be civil to each other, and not spend too much time on screens–not an easy feat, when the kids are drawn to them like magnets.

I’m not going to lie and say it was bliss, but we did have some fun.  Highlights included fun cold-related science experiments, as well as some baking.  I managed to finally use a very special gift that Patrick gave me about 6-7 years ago.  It is a beautiful springerle rolling pin.  I loved it when I received it, but never used it.  It has been displayed in our dining room cabinet, but we did not enjoy it to it’s fullest until now.

This springerle rolling pin is a good representation of my procrastination.  I tend to procrastinate when something is not perfect–perfection paralysis.  I will put something off if the circumstances are not perfect.  But, I am trying to break this habit, as I am finding it suppresses joy.  We could have used the springerle pin a multitude of times to create cute little cookies–baking together, teaching the littles how to read recipes, measuring, watching the imprints on the cookies take form, spending rich time together.  It’s pitiful to think that it sat glumly on a shelf for so long.

I am working to shed my inclination to wait until my surrounding circumstances are in perfect order before stepping forward.  After 36 hours of being trapped inside, Eleanor, Noah, and I were beginning to suffer from cabin fever.  I looked over at our china cabinet and saw the pin.  I declared that we needed to make some cookies, and we got to work.

While we were gathering the necessary ingredients, Noah was excitedly inspecting the pin, when he dropped it, breaking off a small piece of the tip.  It is a purely decorative part.  And, while my initial thought was one of frustration that he broke it so quickly, I soon concluded that it did not impact it’s function, and we moved on.

We made a simple shortbread dough, delighted in the designs on the cookies, and waited for them to bake with excitement.  We enjoyed their buttery flavor and declared that they would be even better with a backing of chocolate.  It was a great way to spend the final hours of our polar vortex quarantine!

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