I Hadn’t Considered…A Pandemic

A few weeks ago I drafted a post about the massive amount of paper that flows into my home each day and how overwhelming it can be. Well, that topic swiftly became obsolete!

In a matter of days, we’ve entered a Brave New World of sorts on the homefront. We’re learning new terminology (social distancing, shelter-in-place, flattening the curve) as this narrative unfolds. All of us are having to adapt to a new reality at a somewhat maddening pace. It is no joke!

This is a sacrifice that is well worth the lives it is saving. But, it is still a sacrifice. Here are just a few of the changes that we’re experiencing at the dietitian’s home:

-E-learning for 4 kids (high school down to kindergarten, with a 3 yr-old running around for entertainment)

-Dad working full-time mostly from home, while mom works part-time from home

-Seven people in one home every day, all day!

-Each meal at home–That’s at least 21 meals in a day!

Gym Class to Start the Morning Off Right

It is a lesson in adaptation that can leave us feeling quite discombobulated. I alternate between moments of joy, when helping my kids in their learning or playing a game with the family, to moments of insanity, when trying to read all of the emails for e-learning or trying to figure out what day it is!

Yet, through all of this, I continue to see the silver lining. It has been so nice to not have to run 5 children to their numerous activities. While managing e-learning has not been easy, it has been really nice to be more intimately involved in what my children are learning. I have gained an even greater appreciation for the teachers in our district. They have done a phenomenal job putting out meaningful remote curriculum in a very short amount of time. We have been playing more games together as a family, as we’re trying to minimize the amount of TV time. We have cleaned out a lot of neglected spaces in our home out of both necessity (home school space!) and boredom. The kids are collaborating on jam sessions with the violin, cello, flute, and piano. I’m seeing that creativity can stem from boredom.

I know that others are in more stressful situations, as they are losing income and worried about what the future holds. We are trying to support those who need help if we are able. We will lose some income, but we are blessed with my husband’s work continuing pretty much as usual.

I am looking to this time as a reset. Perhaps we unnecessarily overload our schedules, making ourselves crazy in the process? We may need to reel in our commitments after this quarantine is over. Simplify. We should look at how we treat and support our most vulnerable at all times, but especially now. More and more opportunities will undoubtedly arise to help those in need, and it is up to us to rise to it. Pulling back further, we need to vote for those who support the experts and scientists. We should vote against those who lack an ability to be humble and admit when they are not an expert at everything and/or they put money above life.

With less time doing my regular job, I hope to blog more and plan to give you more tips on staying healthy and sane during these times. In the meantime, how are you adapting? What is driving you crazy? What silver linings are you finding?

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