I Hadn’t Considered…Socks

I often think about situations I hadn’t considered prior to having 5 children.  This is not to say I would reconsider having them–they are my everything!  But, goodness, sometimes it’s a lot!

My first consideration in this theme are socks.  Yes, socks!  The socks are everywhere!  They are in the couch, they are under the chairs, in the kitchen, on the stairs, tucked in cubbies in the mudroom, in sheets, the bathroom, you name it!  I’d like to do a calculation on the number of potential places my dear family puts their socks: 7^x.  I believe it would come out to infinity!

And, despite the socks being everywhere, when it comes time to wash and match these socks, their partner is nowhere to be found.  What?!  So many socks and so few matches.  My mother periodically tries to help us with with our sock problem.  She will sort all of the socks, pulling aside the multitude of single socks.  She then coordinates them by color (blues, blacks, whites, pinks and reds).  There is hope that these long lost socks will find their match.  But, often the story ends in heartbreak.  The single socks never find their long lost partners.

I must consider how long to hold on to them.  Should I wait another month in hopes that it’s long lost partner with miraculously reveal itself?  Or should I cut my losses and let it go?  And, what if I get rid of it, and the match appears–devastating!  The baby socks got me the most.  I still have some that I hope will find their buddy.

In the meantime, we are swimming in socks!

Let me know if you see any matches!

And, a warning to my children’s friends: Don’t leave your socks at our house!  They might get caught in the vortex.

What aspect of parenting caught you off guard?  I’ll be sharing more of mine!

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